Leo Scarin


As motion graphics/graphic designer intern of TodaysArt 2020 I was in charge - among other things - of the 2020 edition's visual campaign.

The theme was TRUST: the trust for art and creativity, in artists, partners, funders and organizations. Trust in AI and in the algorithm. Trust in public health institutions and in a disinfected future.

I visualized this concept in the form of 3D animated blobs surrounded and interconnected by a copper thread. The assets were made on Cinema4D with Octane Renderer and were used for the edition's dates and theme announcement on the social media, on the website and in the newsletter.

Unfortunately, major causes have canceled the opportunity for TodaysArt 2020 to happen in the foreseen dates, causing further application of the design to be discontinued (booklet prints, exhibition design, etc).

As of today, the campaign is on hold, waiting for the right moment to re-start - but trusting in 2021.