Leo Scarin


Parcheggio Riservato is a community-organized art exhibition that took place in Castelfranco Veneto on July 2020.

Lorenzo Zurlo and I organized and curated the event, inviting young artists of multiple disciplines from the area. The only rule was to install their work inside a car.

Driven by the lack of social and artistic events in the city, and by the limitations of the social distancing restrictions applied, we hacked the system of parking spots - that are free in the open city center on Sundays only - to create a new way of exhibiting, alternative to closed and private spaces, that is also safe and visitable by everyone.

Parcheggio Riservato displayed an installation of multiple cars and a van containing pieces of fashion design, video art, creative coding, documentary, graphic prints, and sculpture, built up, displayed and built down in one day.

The artists involved are Andrea Bertazzon, Andrea Sogliacchi, Erica Bastarolo, Jacopo Scarpis, Leonardo Scarin, Marco Crosato, Michelle Pan, Niccolò Rodighiero aka Casteo Footage, Simone Marchiori.