Leo Scarin


centur[a]t[i]o is a work that integrates video art and new technologies. The viewer sees a set of satellite images that together create a new aesthetic by merging into one another.

When Roman Emperors extended their territory throughout Italy they implemented their advanced urban technologies to develop more precise land measurements (centuratio or limitatio). This formed an incredible amount of grids around the peninsula - in the form of roads or canals - called centuriae.

The pictures are a selection of every centuria in the northern provinces of Padua, Italy. They are exported from Google Maps Satellite View databases into the Machine Learning driven software RunwayML, that generates new images based on the input.

James Bridle remarked more than once how privileged it is that we can access satellite views from our smartphone, and how this has morphed a new way of perceiving physical and digital landscapes. centur[a]t[i]o visualizes this concept joining old and new technologies of land measurement in a synthesis of new computer generated lands.

The work was produced for Parcheggio Riservato and exhibited on July 12, 2020 in Castelfranco Veneto.